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Peristaltic pumps – Tubing pumps by Lambda

Have you ever asked yourself how the ideal peristaltic pump should be constructed?

Logically, it should have:

  • An infinite diameter of the pump head - for unlimited life time of the tubing and no pulsation of the flow.
  • The largest possible diameter of compression rollers - to eliminate any tearing of the tubing.
  • A precise tubing compression - to eliminate leaks and rapid mechanical destruction of the tubing.
Peristaltic pumps - so compact they fit in your hand

Of course, a peristaltic pump with an infinite pump head diameter will not fit on your bench.

We have found a way to get all of these advantages while retaining the smallest possible dimensions.

It works so well that we are able to give you a 5 years* warranty. You will find out that this peristaltic pump can save more money than it costs!

Curious? Then have a further look on Frequent problems in peristaltic pumps and how they were solved.

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps – your reliable lab mates!

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